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Gluck - Orphée et Euridice

Oper Stuttgart - 2009, 2010, 2012, 2014


Musikalische Leitung: Nicholas Kok, Regie: Christian Spuck, Bühne: Christian Schmidt, Kostüme: Emma Ryott, Licht: Reinhard Traub, Chor: Michael Alber, Dramaturgie: Sergio Morabito

Orphée: Luciano Botelho, Euridice: Alla Kravchuk, Catriona Smith, Amor: Christina Landshamer

"The leading singer Luciano Botelho as Orphée caused also enthusiasm with his poetic and playful internalized study as a young man who doesn't avoid any danger in the battle for his love. His virtuosity reaches so far that extreme sounds can be laid out as a consequence of the highest expressiveness." 

Udo Klebes - der neuer Merker 09/09/2011


"On his way to Hades, the young Brazilian high tenor, Luciano Botelho masters the huge difficulties of this role with virtuosity and elegance." 

Martina Wohlthat - Neue Zürcher Zeitung 29/06/2009


"Orpheus needs to touch the Gods (and the audience) with his noble singing: The young Brazilian Tenor Luciano Botelho succeeds excellently; he faces the dificult coloraturas bravely." 

Jürgen Kanold - Südwest Aktiv 29/06/2009


"Musically the production doesn’t leave any wishes unfulfilled. Luciano Botelho can be celebrated for his expressive interpretation of Orpheo that was delivered in perfect pitch and in a tonal beauty."

Feuilleton - Frankfurter Rundschau  01/07/09


"The young Brazilian tenor Luciano Botelho, acts and sings it with deadly mourning distress, slightly neurotic anti-hero, vividly, touching and emotionally."

Verena Großkreutz - NMZ - Neue Musikzeitung 01/07/2009


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